Summer Ball 2017

Klamath Falls Elite Baseball

Klamath Falls Elite Baseball will be holding tryouts for the Klamath Falls Falcons, Cardinals and Hawks on Memorial Day Weekend. Tryouts will be held on Saturday and Sunday starting at 10:00 a.m. (expect 3-4 hours per day and players are expected to attend both days). The tryout will be for all 3 teams and coaches will place players on the appropriate team based on talent. 

If a player is interested in reducing their player fees by soliciting sponsors, please have them send an information request to Any other questions call (541) 810-2122.

Elite Baseball Teams

  • Klamath Falls Falcons - 3A American Legion - 40+ games (player fee $550)
    • Typically Seniors - Freshmen
  • Klamath Falls Cardinals - 1A American Legion - 30+ games (player fee $300)
    • Typically Juniors - Freshmen
  • Klamath Falls Hawks - D2/D1 League - 20+ games (player fee $150)
    • Typically Sophomores - 8th grade 
    • Approximately 20 games and Hawks team attempts to work around basketball and football camps